Whereever i roam – i ride free

The last couple of days has been disturbing.

Whenever something tear up the order in my mind – the Diva is the solution.


The Diva goes anywhere without any restrictions but my own. And with that said – i will tell what was so disturbing:

An old friend of mine had two sons, they had a good childhood, didn’t miss anything, but wasn’t spoiled either.

It’s some years ago since we parted, so i know very little of what happened afterwards.

But 2 days ago a journalist called – and some unsettling news came to my knowledge:

The oldest son was dead christmasday

In Kobani, Syria

He died as a ISIS -warrior

under a new name – a muslim name – as a convert.


Yesterday ISIS warriors attacked Charlie Hebdo

12 died

on the altar of free thinking,

free speech and liberty

That day – on the beach – we roamed free – thought free –20150107_162326

and thought of those who challenge the world

with their pen, their words and actions.

Wherever we, The Diva and I, decide to roam – we ride free – and this day we really appriciated how lucky we are to do so.


may they rest in peace


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